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Lisa Richards (Author of Ultimate Candida Diet)

Lisa RichardsIf you’re a Candida sufferer and have considered alternative treatments, chances are you’ve heard about Lisa Richards, a leading author on the authoritative Candida website. It’s also possible that you were just searching for a Candida cure after realizing that your health wasn’t in good shape.

Lisa Richards is a top author at website, one of the leading online resources for Candida treatment. But more famously, Lisa Richards is known as the author of the Ultimate Candida Diet, a guide that offers alternative treatment for Candida.

The Ultimate Candida Diet is based on Lisa’s own struggles with Candida. She claims that she endured years of suffering due to various debilitating symptoms of Candida, yet she initially didn’t understand what exactly was troubling her health.

Lisa narrates that after suffering from multiple symptoms whose causes were unclear she began doing research about various diseases that could be associated with her symptoms. After several blood tests and consultations with her doctor, the possible causes were narrowed down. However, the real cause still eluded her and she thought she had tried all there was to try.

It wasn’t until Lisa Richards learnt about systemic yeast infections (including Candida) that she started making sense of what she was suffering from. Lisa discovered that the condition she was suffering from was a systemic yeast infection known as Candidiasis.

That experience gave birth to the Ultimate Candida Diet, a treatment plan design to eliminate the root causes of Candidiasis.


Lisa Richards is an authority on Candida and related infections, with knowledge she gained through years of treating yeast infections. Lisa Richards doesn’t boast of any fancy qualifications like most authors like to tell us. Instead, she is a practical person that prefers to experiment with a range of natural treatment options just as she did with the Ultimate Candida Diet. After beating her own yeast overgrowth problems, Lisa was confident that she would replicate the same solution to treat thousands of other Candida sufferers.

Also, Lisa continually carries out research about the latest treatment options for Candida mainly based on diet and lifestyle.

About Ultimate Candida Diet Solution

This is a guide that is essentially a replicated version of Lisa’s home treatment solution that helped eliminate her yeast overgrowth. Lisa asserts that the treatment method described in the guide is 100 percent effective. The treatment is basically a diet program that comprises foods which, according to Lisa, help restore the body’s natural chemical balance to support normal yeast colonies that harmlessly live in our body.

Besides the detailed treatment plan, the Ultimate Candida Diet also contains pointers that can be helpful in diagnosing Candida, and a lot of other useful information related to Candida treatment.

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